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  • Community Events

    [Intermediate] Cornering Practice on GMR/East Fork/Rt 39
    8-19-18 8:30 am
    OC Motorcycle Skills Builder

    Skill Objective: Every ride is an opportunity to learn something and the goal for this ride is to improve skills on mountain and canyon roads by continuing to practice using late apex lines and smoothing out your vision as you look through...

    Sunday Morning Coed Sand VB Intermediate and above 3s and 4s
    8-19-18 8:30 am
    Orange County Volleyball Association

    We do ask you be intermediate (M, H) to advanced in your level of play in order to have competitive and fun games. INTERMEDIATE (M): have OK fundamentals and can control their hits, serves, passes and sets more than 60% of the time. Need to work...

    Fire Ecology in Fremont - **Must sign up on
    8-19-18 8:30 am
    Trail Mix

    As of now, there are 6 spots left. Long dry summers flare up the concern for autumn wildfires in southern California. While fire is a much needed element to help some plants bloom and to keep our habitats healthy, too much fire can be a dangerous...

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